Cover-up Tattoos – Before and After

Cover-up Tattoos – Before and After

These are a few of the cover-up tattoos that I’ve done. Each cover up tattoo presents different challenges because different details can affect how the new tattoo will look.

Typically, things that make good cover-ups have a lot of black, or a lot of details. Some of my favorite subjects to use as cover-ups are traditional and photo realistic roses, animals and movie monsters.

Wolf Cover-up Tattoo

Wolf Silhouette Tattoo Covering Up an Infinity Sign

This is the simplest form of cover-ups, and it’s one of the first I ever did. There were some initials and a symbol originally, and we covered it with a howling wolf tattoo. Silhouettes can easily cover most small name tattoos, and they are a good option if you are working with a budget.

Owl Cover-up Tattoo

Owl Tattoo Covering a Name on the Chest

This was a very large name tattoo in script on the client’s chest. Thankfully, he had a dark owl picked out that worked to hide the name perfectly.

Freddy Kruger Cover-up Tattoo

Portrait Style Freddy Kruger Tattoo Covering a Scarecrow Tattoo

This is one of my favorite cover-up tattoos that I’ve done to date. The original tattoo was acquired at a tattoo party over 15 years ago. Many tattoo artists in the area refused to even try to cover this tattoo, so I am very proud of it. I found a Freddy Kruger photograph with a lot of black and a lot of detail, so it hid the original scarecrow tattoo very well.

Traditional Rose Cover-up Tattoo

Traditional Blue Rose Cover-up Tattoo

This is an example of a name tattoo that was covered with a traditional rose tattoo. This is another budget friendly option when you’re trying to get rid of an ex beau’s name.

Traditional Grim Reaper Cover-Up Tattoo

Reaper Tattoo Covering Old Tattoo Party Tattoo

This one was difficult. The original tattoo was done so poorly that the original harlequin was hard to make out after 10 years, and there was so much black that needed to be integrated. This shows the first session of the cover-up, how the stencil lined up and the additional notations I made with sharpie pen. Thankfully, we were able to cover up the old tattoo with a grim reaper tattoo. The client had originally come in originally wanting a tattoo of a Halloween cat on the other side… we got to talking and it eventually turned into a cover-up scene complete with grim reaper, pumpkins, haunted trees, a scared black cat and ghosts. Check-out the finished photos of the scene in the gallery.

When getting a cover-up, please keep in mind these things:

1. Most cover-up tattoos will require that you come in person for your consult. This is so I can clearly see any problem areas that need special consideration before creating the artwork.

2. Cover-up tattoos are a process. You will almost always need a touch-up on a cover-up. Touch ups do not cost anything extra, it is included in the price of your tattoo.

3. A good cover-up is not cheap. Cover-ups are more difficult than fresh tattoos on fresh skin. They are hard work. I always give the best price possible, but I do this knowing how much work needs to go into the cover-up for it to be complete.

If you would like to get a tattooed covered, please use the contact form or e-mail me directly to set-up an appointment.

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