Tattoo Artist Monica Syntheticfish Tattoo

Hi, I’m Monica. I am a full time tattoo artist at Queen’s Gambit Tattoo in Rockville, Maryland. This is my personal artists webpage for my tattoos and art.

I am traditionally apprenticed, and happy to take on any challenge you’d like to throw my way.

If you’re in need of ideas, I have a lot more flash paintings and sketches in books at the shop.

A little History…

I have been tattooing for the last 10 years.

My first apprenticeship was in Wahiawa Hawaii, under Nancy and Buddy Conte’, at Hawaiian Island Tattoos. I completed my apprenticeship, and completed the licensing exam successfully in 2009.

At the end of 2009 I had to leave Hawaii abruptly, and so I found a new home at Pops Tattoo, where I did a second apprenticeship with the owner, Chuck.

I opened Queen’s Gambit Tattoo in 2022. It is located on the lower floor of Twinbrook Shopping Center.

I have worked in a few tattoo shops over the years, in both Hawaii and in Maryland. If you’re curious, just ask!

I really enjoy taking on projects of all kinds. There are a lot of things I haven’t had the chance to tattoo yet, one of them being a traditional Japanese Dragon. There is not a style of tattooing I dislike, but I would have to say that my favorite thing to tattoo are designs with a lot of color. I never stop learning and I strive to always do better.

So What’s with the Fish?

Syn was originally designed for a friend who was an excellent musician and heavily into techno. Synthetic was for the “Synth” sounds that he used in his mixing. I fell in love with the logo and asked him to sign over the rights to me a few years later since he wasn’t using it anymore.

I feel like Syn is one of the best tribal fish designs I’ve created to date, and he’s based on one of my favorite fish, the Deep Sea Angler fish.

That, and I’m a Pisces : }

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Artistic Influences

Colored flatwork of a mermaid
Mermaid in Open Canvas and Photoshop

My art is influenced by almost everything I come across. I love nature, cartoons, and intricate designs. I am highly influenced by anime, video games, cartoons and classic themes.

I went to college at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and the Art Institute of Washington for Animation.

This really helped my artistic ability and the speed at which I can generate various different designs of the same subject.

It’s easy to start working with me on your next tattoo. You’re welcome to text me directly, or use the custom quote to get started.