Murder E.S Text Adventure Game Game Design Document

In this game, you wake up in your family home, but something doesn’t seem right.

You’re in pain, and it looks like something happened here the night before.

As you navigate through the home you learn little bits and pieces about what happened the night before.

Your home starts to feel like a prison as you try to escape to the outside.

[Murder E.S Start]

[Murder E.S. Game]

If possible, it would be nice to keep this “one colored letter” aesthetic for the game. There is enough room on the right hand side for an inventory.

Planning : If pressed for time, the Kids Room will be an observation option only. Currently there are 3 options for almost each scene, if nessacary, this can be dropped down to 2 options per scene. Another cut back could be only one gun option, and not two.

Story and Options:


It’s dawn. You wake up in the bedroom of your family apartment feeling a little groggy. Your knuckles are pounding. You sit up, wearing your clothes from yesterday. Your bedroom and bathroom both connect to the main hallway.

Go to the Bathroom (R) Go into the Hallway (H)


You walk into the bathroom. Well, that explains it. Looks like you punched the mirror last night. A bloody washcloth lies crumpled in the corner. You wash your face. You call out for

your husband, but there is no answer.

Go into the Hall (H) Go back to your Room and Check your Phone (B)


The hallway is dark, and the rug is crumpled up. It looks like there was a struggle. You notice some drops of blood on the hardwood floor. You start to get worried. The kid’s room is

right down the hall. Beyond that is your kitchen and living room.

Check the Kid’s Room (I) Check the Living Room (L)

Go back to the Bedroom (B)


You try to turn the knob to the kid’s room. It’s locked. You rattle the doorknob and bang on the door. “Hello!?”. You hear muffled struggling inside the door.

Go back to Bedroom (B) Go to Livingroom (L)

{ if you have the gun, this option appears :

Shoot the lock (Y) }


You shoot the knob off of the Kid’s Room door. When you open the door you find a masked man, gagged and handcuffed to your daughter’s bed. There is blood everywhere. He struggles. You can tell it’s not your husband.

Shoot the man (S) Go to the Living Room (L)

Go to the Front Door (F) Go to the Patio (P)


He starts to bleed profusely and stops moving.

Go to the Living Room (L)

Go to the Front Door (F) Go to the Patio (P)


When you walk back into your room you can’t find your phone. The charger is there, but the phone is not on the nightstand where it usually is. You notice that the gun locker in the

closet is open.

Check Gun Locker (G) Check Under Bed (U)

Turn on the light on your bedstand (T)


Under the bed it’s dark, but you find a small key. It looks like it could be the one to the gun locker.

Take the Key (C) Check the Gun Locker (G)


You haven’t seen the closet unlocked since you moved in 6 months ago. One rifle is sitting in the bay. In the top compartment is a revolver and two boxes of ammunition. You’ve

shot his guns before, but you thought he had a lot more.

Take the Rifle and Ammo (E) Take the Revolver and Ammo (V)

Lock the Gun Locker (O)


In the kitchen two stools have been turned over. There are dirty dishes in the sink. The phone cradle that sits on the counter is empty. To your right is the dinner table, and beyond that is the patio door. In front of you is the living room couch in front of the television. To your left is the door that leads to your front door.

Go out the Patio Door (P) Go out the Front door. (F)

Search the Living Room for a Phone (L)


The patio door window pane is cracked. It looks like the lock is jammed.

Try the front door (D)

{ if you have the gun, this option appears :

Break the window (X) }


When you go to open the front door you find the top and bottom have been boarded with wood from the shed. The peep window is smeared with finger prints.

Look out the window (W) Go out the Patio Door (P)


When you look out the window you noticed a hooded man standing on the street corner smoking a cigarette. He seems to be looking right at you.

Go out the patio door (P) Go back to your room (B)

Do Nothing (N) Go to the Hallway (H)

(X) (if you have the rifle)

You bash in the window pane with the butt of the rifle, and step out onto the patio.

(X) (if you have the revolver)

You shoot the window pane and step through, avoiding shards of glass.

“FREEZE!” Two police officers have their glocks pointed at you. “Lower your weapon and put your hands on your head.” You comply. “Is there anyone inside?”

“I don’t know” (Y)

“No” (J)

{ If you killed the man, this option appears:

“Yes, there’s a dead man in my little girl’s room.”} (Q)

It doesn’t matter which option you select… this is the ending:

“Miss, these are just a precaution.” The policeman handcuffs you. “Sit tight miss, your husband is at the police station. Please wait while we clear the area.”

All you can do is wait.

If you’ve killed the man, you lose.

If you didn’t kill the man, you win.