“People get the tattoo they deserve.”

“People get the tattoo they deserve.”

This is a saying in the tattoo industry that doesn’t make much sense to me. Basically, it equates getting a tattoo to a game of chance, or destiny. It’s meant to demean people for getting tattoos they shouldn’t have gotten.

Unfortunately, the reason why “people get the tattoo they deserve” has such a bad connotation is that it almost always means that someone was stupid enough to get tattooed by someone that shouldn’t have been tattooing people in the first place. This isn’t very nice… considering that these people are victims of non-professional artists.

It’s really sad that there are people working out of their houses and set up at house parties, and tinkering with people’s skin. I see more nightmares than you would believe.

The whole situation is even worse is if you paid good money for that tattoo by giving it to someone you trusted because you went to a shop and you assumed that they must know what they are doing because otherwise they wouldn’t work there.

This isn’t always the case. Please, check the portfolio of your artist before you commit to a tattoo.

Shop websites are usually limited, so they aren’t a good way to judge the specific artist you are thinking about getting a tattoo with. Check their personal portfolio. If they don’t have one, run for the hills.

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