Tattoo Discount for Military and Law Enforcement

Tattoo Discount for Military and Law Enforcement

We appreciate your service.  To show our appreciation, we offer a year-round piercing and tattoo discount to all service men, including all branches of Military, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Police, Red Cross, Fire Department, and First Responders.

The discount is 25% off the total cost of your tattoo.  If you qualify, the shop minimum would become $45.00, and the hourly rate would be $75.00 an hour.  The discount extends to piercings too.  So a piercing that would normally cost $60.00 would be $45.00 for those with applicable form of ID. The discount is good for all tattoos, even tattoo sleeves and back-pieces. Even genital piercings qualify for the discount.

All you would need is a copy of your military ID, badge, or license.

We have the best military discount in the DMV, so if you’re anywhere near Silver Spring, MD, please stop by and check out our portfolios.  We’re always happy for the surprise consult, we can give feedback and pricing quotes on the spot.

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